"The gospel music association where Jesus Christ is the main attraction"



We are a Not-For-Profit organization chartered in the State of Texas. We were established to promote the furtherance of Gospel Music and it's performers. Our aim is to be the premier source of support to singers, musicians and ministries that present Gospel Music.

We eagerly network with Churches, Promoters and others who have a need to locate, engage and present the ministries of our members. Although we are based in North Texas, we have members in several states, primarily Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma.


Annual Convention

Congratulations to our 2024 Honorees

Band of the Year (Live Music): 
Spoken For
Songwriter of the Year:
Don Earley
Musician of the Year: 
Aaron Baldridge
Male Soloist of the Year: 
Brandon Baumgarten
Female Soloist of the Year: 
Chris Torsy
Group Male Vocalist of the Year: 
Terry Eubanks
Group Female Vocalist of the Year:
Dawn Wills
Duet of the Year: Sheree and Stephen Kline
Trio of the Year: The Hendrix Trio
Group of the Year: Mercy Song Revival
Song of the Year: When Heaven Comes Into View - Gaye Gastineau

GMAA 2025 Convention
January 24-25th 2025
Trinity Life Church
2030 Rowlett Road
Garland, Texas 75043

2024 GMAA Convention Photos (Coming Soon)

Gospel artists from across America will be ministering in song... don't miss it! Lots of parking for church van & buses.

Wayne Delk

Ministry Moments

As we were moving into the first years of the 21st. Century, a small group of gospel singers & musicians were deciding on the creation of a new association that would not be like most other gospel music associations. We tossed out some of the old formulas & made a promise to our members as well as all who would join us in the coming years that we would attempt to elevate the level of talent & ministry of those who joined us. We decided to use the word ‘Artist’ as a way to delineate our members from the masses of other associations. We would search for & accept ministries that exuded a higher level of talent, professionalism & those who were known to be sincere in presenting a quality ‘product’ while delivering the message of the Cross.  Mr. Webster’s dictionary defines artist as;
*a person who creates (such as painting, sculpture, music, or writing) using their conscious skill and creative imagination.
*a person skilled in any of the arts.
*a skilled performer, one who is very good at their particular craft.

Notice the words ‘creative, skill, imagination & very good’. So, who are we looking for and inviting to be part of our association family? 
Answer: Singers & musicians who embody the definitions shown above.

I started in gospel music way back in the 1960’s. (Yes, I am very old).   I have seen literally hundreds of gospel singers come & go, succeed or fail. Those who had a greater level of success were those who were busy, creating, improving, upgrading, easy to work with, humble and were very teachable. Beyond talent, they were strong in their Christian walk & presentation of the Word in song. 

Sadly, there was a large crowd who were stuck in a rut, predictable, mediocre in voice or music, static, refusing to make changes. So many just floating along with the same old flow unaware of their potential if they would only put in the effort. 

Many in gospel music should ask themselves why have you been singing for X number of years, you have no bookings & if we hear of you, you are only singing on a benefit or open mic nights. Nothing wrong with either of those unless that is all you have.  We have some members whose schedules are very busy while others are seldom booked. Some of our members use social media content where Pastors or music directors can see & hear them and contact them. Others do not.
Some have nice publicity photos; others seem to just send us anything they can find.  What makes the difference…investment!

Investing in practice, getting some vocal coaching, improving stage presence, learning new material, professional presentation i.e.: photos & publicity materials. 

For many years, when I have critiqued singers who were less than adequate, someone always tells me…’But they are doing it for the Lord’.   I could not agree any stronger, however, my reply “True, and all the more reason to do it better”.

If you are going to represent the King of Kings….do it well, or get busy improving.

If you are teachable & desire some positive critique from me, just contact me & I will do my best to inspire & motivate you to a ministry presentation worth of the word ‘Artist’.   Remember, a rising tide lifts ALL ships.

Much love,

Wayne Delk
January 12, 2023


Featured Artist


SpokenFor Gospel Quartet is in its 19th year of ministry, gracing stages and church platforms in Texas and surrounding states. With a mix of classic southern gospel, stylized contemporary Christian, and country gospel music with a touch of bluegrass, SpokenFor brings sincerity and genuine anointing to each concert. They strive to be vessels and channels of God’s message while performing.....with Jesus and His love for us the full focus. SpokenFor will leave you wanting more. The members of their live band are: Dawn & Randy Wills, Vicki Miller, Charisse Jones, and Richard Mathews.

Host an Event

If your church would like to host a concert featuring GMAA artists, there are great benefits for you.

One: Your church name gets lots of exposure.
Two: You may welcome many first time visitors.
Three: There are no negatives to hosting an event.

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