GMAA About Us
"The gospel music association where Jesus Christ is the main attraction"

Executive Directors

Wayne Delk

Pat Jones

Larry Mays


As an association of Gospel Music Artists, our vision is to be an aid and ally to those who use music and spoken word to deliver the message of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to become a valuable tool to strengthen, encourage, support and equip our members as they present their message to a lost and dying world. We strive for excellency, manifest integrity and maintain unity in the Spirit to present the optimum presentation of the Word of God in music and song.


We are a Not-For-Profit organization chartered in the State of Texas. We were established to promote the furtherance of Gospel Music and it's performers. Our aim is to be the premier source of support to singers, musicians and ministries that present Gospel Music.

We eagerly network with Churches, Promoters and others who have a need to locate, engage and present the ministries of our members. Although we are based in North Texas, we have members in several states, primarily Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma.


Ministry-minded singers and musicians are encouraged to inquire about membership. A form if available on this website. Should you desire to align your music ministry with our association, please complete the application, attach your dues and mail to us at the address shown. The Officers of the association will review each application and upon acceptance, you will be notified by our Secretary. Once you have been accepted we require that you send a current digital picture to us so we may add you to our Members page on the website. Memberships are renewable on an annual basis, being 12 months from the date you are accepted.


The governing of this association is composed of three Executive Officers, a Secretary/Treasurer and Membership Vice President. All positions are elected by the Artist members, except for the Secretary/Treasurer position, which is appointed by the Board. No officer receives any monetary compensation for their service and is liable for all fees and dues comparative to the Artists members of the association.


Cheryl Mays

Vice President of

Eddy Smith