GMAA Host Event
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Hosting a GMAA Concert event?

If your church would like to host a concert featuring GMAA artists, there are great benefits for you.

One: Your church name gets lots of exposure.
Two: You may welcome many first time visitors.
Three: There are no negatives to hosting an event.


You would need to coordinate with our Executive Director to set the date, time, location and discuss the availability of the GMAA artists for that desired date. Once that is settled, we would provide you with an advertising promo flyer which you would have reproduced at your local Office Depot/Office Max etc. You are responsible for your local advertising, such as placement/distribution of flyers, ads or notices in your local newspaper and possibly radio PSA announcements on local radio. Most important is to stress attendance of your church members to support this event and to invite or bring friends and family.


In most instances our GMAA members will participate in your event on a Love Offering basis. Your church will receive an offering which will be divided among our participating members. If possible, your church may add funds to that offering to make sure the artists expenses are covered.

If this interests you and you have the authority to make this type decision for you church, then feel free to contact Mr. Wayne Delk at the following e mail address:
wayne (Please remove space in email address) He will reply to you and discuss all the pertinent information regarding hosting a GMAA concert event at your church.