"The gospel music association where Jesus Christ is the main attraction"

GMAA News You Can Use!

THANK YOU for visiting our website. We are very glad you are here. From our very humble beginnings in 2002,  we have seen God’s mighty hand of blessing constantly strengthen and grow our association.

He has been faithful to send us so many talented and dedicated singers & musicians. We began almost with a Texas-only membership, but through the years we have grown and expanded our outreach, ministry and reputation far & wide. We average members residing in as many as eight states.

This association operates as a large fellowship and a loving family of fellow travelers, who are bound together by a burning desire to share the amazing love of Jesus with all we encounter, through music and song.
though our members travel many, many miles each year, our annual convention is like a family reunion,bringing us together, from far-away places. We thank God for the wonderful members who share our vision of ministry.

In the past, we had several precious helpers who served for a time as Officers in the association and we thank them all. A few years ago, we found ourselves with the current leadership of the association. These five individuals have worked together seamlessly and tirelessly to create the dynamic ministry that the GMAA is today. 
We honor the leadership of our Officers; Pat Jones, Larry Mays, Wayne Delk, Cheryl Mays and Eddy Smith. You are an awesome team ! 

Our motto still remains "The Association where Jesus Christ is the main attraction".

Please check out our Artists page for info on contacting them for booking info.